TEWS Elektronik

TEWS Elektronik produces microwave resonator devices for moisture measurement in solids.


Material moisture is a key aspect in product quality. In order to manufacture products with the lowest possible energy input and minimum effects on the environment, many production workflows require punctual, precise knowledge of the water content. Constant high quality levels in products can only be achieved with a minimum workload by exact, rapid measurement of moisture in the laboratory or online as part of the production process.

The measuring principle used by the instruments is based on the patented microwave resonance method, which offers the following advantages compared to conventional measuring systems:

• High-speed measurement (< 1 sec)
• High precision due to high water selectivity
• Independent of product density and weight
• Non-destructive measurement (very low
microwave output, < 10 mW)
• Unaffected by product colour,
structure and surface effects
• Core moisture can be determined without pretreatment
of the material (pulverisation not required)
• Long term stable calibration, in many cases
independent of product varieties
• Not subject to interference from ionic
components and salts

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