AnaTec logoAnaTec is the leading manufacturer of instruments for particle characterization based on photo-optical technology. The technology can be used for particles and dust to analyse size and shape of powder and granulates. The instruments are made for online or offline measurements.

AnaTec is a company that specializes in industrial control-systems and analyzers. AnaTec products and services was previously part of Norsk Hydro ASA. Our head office is located at Herøya Industrial Park in Porsgrunn. and our sales and service office for Europe is located in Duisburg, Germany. (AnaTec Deutschland GmbH):

• Knowhow - AnaTec employees have a long experience in industrial services, maintenance and projects.
• Customer Needs - AnaTec have a vision to be the best service partner and supplier on a global basis, working together with our customers to improve productivity and reduce total costs.
• Technology - AnaTec philosophy is to be a leading supplier of new technology.


AnaTec has a broad range of measurement solutions. AnaTec´s Particle Measurement Solutions handle a measuring range between 1 microns and 115 mm. A fully automated Lab version (PartAn 2001L_AS) including an auto sampler is available since beginning 2001. We have online analysers for H2S in liquid for sewerage and effluent applications. Remote monitoring solutions for logistics.

Typical applications are:

• Measurement of Powders & Granulates 
• Online process control 
• Process monitoring 
• Quality control 
• Particle shape and size analysis
• Photo-optical particle analysis
• Dust measurement
• Monitoring of Water-treatment plants
• Sewer network measurement
• Logistics