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For the last 40 years, Microtrac particle characterization solutions deliver fast, accurate, reliable, and precise measurements.  It’s no wonder why we are the preferred analyzer of the material science community.  

What truly sets us apart is when you buy a Microtrac; you are receiving more than just a piece of technology.  You are gaining a resource that will allow you to improve your product or process.  Customers know that when they have an issue, our experts are never more than a phone call away. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand customer needs, providing solutions for their unique applications, and also develop technology that addresses unmet challenges.  Our solutions have been often imitated but never duplicated. Let’s take a closer look at our history of innovative contributions to the particle characterization industry. 

  • Release of the world’s first laser diffraction particle analyzer in 1974
  • Launch of PC driven analyzer
  • Introduction of bent optics reducing footprint
  • Use laser diodes – including blue for precise nanoparticle analysis 
  • Developed Modified Mie for accurate non-spherical analysis
  • Release of first online particle size and shape analyzer in 1987 – 10 years before anyone else.
  • Tri-laser introduction for improved precision
  • DLS analyzer with external probe, for in-situ analysis
  • Reference beating for enhanced nanoparticle measurement accuracy and sensitivity 
  • Integrate laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis – visual validation of your material, which allows you to monitor deviations and take immediate corrective action. 
  • Patented the ability to measure a particles length, width, and thickness in one analysis – 3D! 

Please find out more at www.microtrac.com