Applitek on-line monitoring

Applitek online analyzerAn extended range of on-line analyzers to suit your needs in water treatment, process streams, river monitoring and compliance. Not only the single analyzer, but a complete system can be offered to monitor water quality, air quality and industrial processes according to the customers need.

Some of our analyser models are:

UPA - Universal Process Analyzer. Based on titrimetric, colorimetric or ion-selective measurements depending on the applications

AppliTOC - On-line Total Organic Carbon for toconline measurement

TOPHO - On-line Total Phosphorus

TONI - On-line Total Nitrogen & Nitrogen Compounds

Ra - TOX - On-line Toxicity

Ra - BOD - On-line Biological Oxygen demand

AnaSense - On-line anaerobic control analyzer for biogas producers


For more information, please contact us or have a look at www.applitek.com


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