Stabino - Particle Charge Titrations

Fast and easy  method for formulation development. Zeta Potential-, Streaming Potential-, Particle Size, Conductivity-, pH-, Temperature- and Time- measurement simultaneously in tough colloidal systems.

The new instrument Stabino from Microtrac is the second generation of instruments that uses the oscillating Streaming Potential (SP) method for measuring particle charge.
The Formulation Chemist can within 5 minutes answer questions like; Which is the optimal pH for the mixture? Which is the optimal ion concentration? Does additive X or Y coat my particle most effectively? What volume of additive X do I need to avoid/induce agglomeration? Does my particles stay coated over time? Which formulation is stable? What is the total charge of the Colloid system? How does particle size/agglomeration change at different conditions?


Benefits of Stabino

  • Fast titrations—only 5 min
  • No parameter input needed
  • High concentrations (up to 30% vol)                                                                                                                                                                                 Looking for Stable pH zones
  • Constant mixing
  • Size range: 0,3nm—300μm
  • Robust technique for difficult samples
  • Extremely quick and easy to use


Stabino News

Callibration to Zeta Potential

  • Particle Size inside titration vessel (NanoFlex DLS Unit)
  • Conductivity Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Less Dead Volume
  • Improved Software
  • New Kinetic & Salt Programs


Stabino & NanoFlex Data Sheet

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poly-electrolyte titration of CNT:s for Total Charge determination

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