ZetaView - Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer

For Particle Size, Zeta Potential and Concentration.ZetaView particle tracking

The ZetaView particle tracking analyzer measures every particles size and zeta-potential individually.

Recent improvements now allows 10nm particles to be measured.

The system is fully automated with auto-aligement and auto-focusing.



The measurement range of the instrument is 0.01 – 50 μm for zeta potential determination and 0.01 – 3 μm for particle size distribution.

The ZetaView is available in two models: the PMX 101 (equipped with a red laser) and the PMX 102 (equipped with a blue laser and cut off

filter for the measurement of fluorescent particles).


Microtrac ZetaView Features:

  • Auto-alignment and auto-focusing

  • Passive stability elements

  • Impressions on nano-systems

  • Wide concentration and particle counting range

  • Accuracy and Precision

  • Can be controlled by a tablet PC


Microtrac ZetaView Benefits:

  • Brings to life the “seeing is believing” principle by taking out the tedious set up of the instrument.

  • A patented 5-point support of the cell assembly guarantees image sharpness stability.

  • Particles < 10 nm do not scatter enough light to measure electrophoresis.  However as the few agglomerates of them tend to have the same

  • zeta potential, but are not abundant enough for LDE (Laser Doppler Electrophoresis), the ZetaView has the ability to decipher between spherical, irregular, and outranging particles.

  • Concentration range from 106 p/cm3 to 1010 p/cm3.  For higher concentrations, dilution or optical filtering is required.

  • For Zeta potential, the accuracy is 4 mV, the precision is 2 mV, instrument-to-instrument repeatability is 2 mV.  For particle size, 100nm standard latex suspension accuracy is 6nm, precision 2nm, instrument-to-instrument is 4 nm.

  • Tablet PC control improves an end-users ability to freely move around the lab without having to cart around a laptop/desktop PC.


ZetaView Data Sheet

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