Microtrac SIA - Size & Shape Analyzer

Two technologies - One instrument

SIA is a photo-optical image analyzing module for in-depth shape analysis of wet suspensions and slurries.  The module can be added to any Microtrac S3500 or Bluewave Particle Size Analysis system equipped for wet applications.  Alternatively, the unit may be bundled with a manually operated circulation pump (like the Microtrac USVR) as a stand alone image analysis system.

Microtrac joins the forces of Image Analysis producers by bringing you a particle analyzer with the latest high-speed, high-resolution full-frame camera.  This new module is installed in line with the sizing circulation path to simultaneously provide the highest quality of size and shape analysis possible on suspended materials.

The SIA analyzes particle size and shape in a size range of 0.75 to 2,000 microns. The images are shown during the running measurement and can be stored in real time. The software provides analysis for a wide range of properties like aspect ratio, ellipse ratio, compactness, roundness, circularity, concavity, and convexity.  Data can be exported in ASCII, Excel, or HTML formats with user selectable report layout variations.

Measurement Ranges of 1 to 2,000 microns
High Speed, High Resolution Analysis
High and Low Concentrations. 
Temperature Range 10°C to 40°C


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