Nanotrac Wave - Particle Size, Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight Analyzer

Dynamic Light Scattering for nano particle characterization

Microtrac has been a pioneer in particle sizing technology for over 35 years! In 1990 Microtrac released the Ultrafine Particle Analyzer incorporating the Controlled Reference Method of analysis of dynamic light scattering particle sizing. The Nanotrac Wave is the latest generation of dynamic light scattering sub-micron analyzers from Microtrac.

The core methodology of the Wave is Dynamic Light Scattering, however unlike mainstream Photon Correlation Spectroscopy [PCS], Microtrac utilizes a unique Controlled Reference Method.


The Nanotrac Wave uses the unique Heterodyne Reference Signal Setup where the laser beam measures 180ointo the sample through a sapphire glass window. Since a very strong signal is acquired at 180o the laser only penetrates 100µm into the sample and unwanted multiple scattering effects are reduced which make measurements in higher concentrations possible. Concentrations up to 40 % v/v has been successfully measured with this unique instrument.

The strong signal also gives excellent signal to noise ration and 1000 times less disturbance from large particles. Bimodal mixtures with large and small particles therefore works especially well with the heterodyne setup.

The Instruments comes as the Nanotrac Wave with possible heating element, internal teflon cell, electordes for Zeta Potential measurement and Zetrator for titrations.

Or as NanoFlex where a probe of customizable length is used for particle size measurements. The NanoFlex was developed for measurements inside the titration vessel of the titration instrument Stabino.


Standards: Nanotrac complies with the ISO 22412 standard for Dynamic Light Scattering.

Validation - Full IQ/OQ support documentation is available

Security - Nanotrac FLEX software meets or exceeds FDA 21 CFR Part 11 protocols.

Nanotrac Wave - Data Sheet

Zetrator - Data Sheet

NanoFlex - Data Sheet

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NanoFlex with external probe


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