LUM - Separation Analyser LUMiReader

LUMiReaderThe Separation Analyser LUMiReader® determines the demixing of suspensions and emulsions for a large range of particle sizes under original storage conditions, e.g. sedimentation, flocculation and clarification. The demixing process is accelerated using a patented measuring principle, without stressing the sample by additional mechanical forces.

Some benefits are:

  • Accelerated shelf life measurements under normal conditions – products quicker to market
  • Detailed information of particles and formulation stability without knowledge of material data – outstanding feedback to improve product quality
  • Immediate identification of large particles – identify badly homogenized dispersions.

Some of our successful applications are:

  • Long term monitoring of pharmaceutical dispersions @ gravity
  • Settling time of micro beads for medical applications (cancer therapy, magnetic targeting)
  • Agglomeration/ Redispersibility of pressurized pharmaceuticals (inhalation med’s)
  • Shelf life of liquid food products (alcoholic milk mix beverages, sugar syrup)
  • Shelf life of lubricants
  • Selection of dispersion media for HPLC-particles
  • Determination of sedimentation kinetics incl. consolidation – of electro /magneto rheological dispersions
  • Sedimentation kinetics of Blood (normal & enhanced)  - determination of RBC settling and hematocrit
  • Characterization of chemical identical particles, i.e. batch monitoring   (carbonates, blood) 

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