Microtrac Partan (DIA) - Shape & Size determination by 3D-Technology

6-8 images of a rotating particle create one 3D-model with the most effective shape determination on large amounts of sample.


Shape and Size are often important factors for product quality. Each prodcut has its own unique shape which requires unique parameters to explain it.

PartAn  is a photo-optical analyzer for measuring the particle size and shape of free flowing powders, granulates or other dry materials. The new 3D-technology is capable to analyse the particle size and shape very precisely within a size range from 20 micron to 120 mm by capturing several images on every particle. These images are then used to create a 3D model of the particle.

When images are captured from several different angles of the particle the chance to se the smallest and largest sides is greatly improved which gives unmatched shape determination or Sieve Correlation.

The software saves all the images of hundreds of thousand of particles which gives large statistical material to trend and evaluate shape parameters in graphs or numerically.


Main Features

-Full Grayscale analysis: To be able to distinguish the shape and transparency we do not convert our images to black and white. All images are stored as both grayscale and black and whites. Example below shows the difference it makes.



-3D Technology: Each particle is captured with images from different angles. Together these make up a 3D-model of the particle. The shape accuracy and Sieve correlation is much better than with only 2D analysis (1 image/particle)

In below example it is illustrated how the difference would be in the results between 2D and 3D

2D: 8 images of 8 different identical particles would be determined in very different ways. 1 elongated particle, 2"spherical", 3-7 elongated particles with different lengths, 8"spherical"

3D: 8 images create one “fiber shaped” particle (actually 2 satellites here). Both the max- and min- length will be correctly determined here.



Microtrac FPA "Fine Particle Analyzer": 2D instruments that uses air pressure for de-agglomeration of fine powders. Installed in Laboratory or Online.

Microtrac Partan: 3D-technology instrument for slightly larger particles. Lab version or Online installation.

Maxi Partan: Large Online installation for Large product quantities.


FPA & Partan

-Resolution: 1.4Megapixels,  1400x1024 pixels at full frame.

-Sampling Rate: Normally 65-100 images/seconds. (>200 images/second possible with easy change in the software.)

Particle Size:

-FPA: 1-2000µm

-Partan: 20µm-120mm


See also Microtrac SIA -  Our Image Analysis for wet dispersions

Microtrac SIA: Image analysis for wet Dispersions: Comes with a 5Mpixel camera and pump unit. Can also be combined with our Laser Diffraction Analyzer where you measure laser diffraction and image analysis at the same time on the same sample.

-Particle Size: 1-2000µm



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