Magnetic Suspension Balance: Measurements at high pressures and high temperatures

With Rubotherm’s Magnetic Suspension Balance (thermo-)gravimetric analysis can be accomplished at temperatures from -196°C to 2000°C within the range of ultra high vacuum up to 2000 bar with a resolution up to 1 microgram.

The Magnetic Suspension Balance allows to analyse very exactly chemical reactions and production processes, as:

• Corrosion 
• Gasification 
• Decomposition 
• Pyrolysis 

• Polymerization 
• Coating   

Additionally material transport quantities and variables of state can be determined very exactly, for example:

• Ab- and adsorption
• Diffusion 
• Solubility 
• Permeation 
• Selectivity 
• Drying processes 
• Mass transfer 
• Density

The Magnetic Suspension Balance can be used for measurements, where conventional gravimetric equipment fails. Mass changes of samples under defined conditions (high pressure, extreme temperatures, corrosive gases, steams and liquids, supercritical fluids etc.), are measured with the Magnetic Suspension Balance accurately and in high resolution.    

Additionally the Magnetic Suspension Balance can be equipped with automatic dosing and pressure controlling systems. These permits the reliable, fully automatic and exact regulation of the composition, the flow and the pressure of the measuring gas and/or steam in the reactor of the Magnetic Suspension Balance.   

Further information about the Magnetic Suspension Balance and the individual custom made solutions for special measuring tasks offered by Rubotherm you can find under: www.rubotherm.com

The difference compared to a conventional microbalance is illustrated below.

working principle


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