Microtrac S3500 BlueWave / RedWave - Particle Size Analyzer


Wet and Dry Sample, Particle Size and Shape Analysis

From the pioneering work, with over 30 years of experience and more than 10 000 units sold worldwide, Microtrac is still the technical leader in Laser Diffraction/Static light scattering techniques. The tri-laser setup with no moving parts ensure the highest robustness available on the market and the tri-laser system has a broad particle size range (10nm—2000µm without any lens changes).

The BlueWave system is unique for its real blue lasers which provides the highest sensitivity and resolution available. Special calculations for non-spherical particles also ensures that both spherical and non-spherical particles are measured correctly.

A special feature is to complement laser diffraction with our unique Image Analysis module SIA. This will replace the need of a time consuming microscopy and  gives images and statistical information about the size and shape of all the particles. One single large

particle that might affect the stability or quality of the sample can now be found.


Real Blue Lasers provides unmatched resolution










the tri laser setup with no movable parts






The Turbotrac Dry Dipersion System uses air pressure for controlled de-agglomeration

BlueWave Particle Size Analyzer - Data Sheet

Turbotrac - Dry Powder Dispersion System - Data Sheet

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