Volumetric instruments for sorption analysis

The volumetric instruments made by BEL Japan are used for powder and surface characterization:

- Specific surface area & pore size distribution measuring instruments
- Vapor adsorption measuring instruments
- Chemical adsorption measuring instruments
- High pressure adsorption/Rate of adsorption measuring instruments
- Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD, TPO, TPR) instruments

The BELSORP-max is a static-volumetric sorption analyser to measure physisorption, vapour- and chemisorption processes.
Its extreme wide relative pressure range allows measuring from the smallest micropores to macropores.
Water vapour adsorption measurement is included in the standard setup. The chemisorption analysis can be integrated as an option.

The BELSORP-Mini II is a compact volumetric adsorption analyser for determining specific BET-surface area and pore size distribution. The comprehensive MSWindows based software enables a fast and trouble-free application of the instrument and the analysis of the experimental data. The BELSORP-Mini II device can be ideally combined with the BELprep-flow sample pre-treatment station.

The BELSORP-aqua³ is a volumetric adsorption measuring instrument for the analysis of water vapor and non-corrosive organic vapour adsorption/desorption on organic and inorganic material under isothermal conditions.

The BEL-CAT is a chemisorption analyser using the carrier gas method for the determination of active sites in catalysts (metal dispersion), TRD, TPO and TPR analyses (Temperature Programmed Desorption, Oxidation and Reduction), pulse chemisorption measurement as well as for BET-1-point measurement. The BEL-CAT is equipped with a high temperature furnace for sample preparation and for thermostating of the sample during the measurement in a temperature range up to 1100ºC. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of cooling the sample to 77 K in liquid nitrogen to measure specific surface with the BET-1-point method.

The volumetric sorption analyser BELSORP-HP is designed to measure high-pressure adsorption processes. The BELSORP-HP is able to measure H2 and CH4-storage materials and can determine ad- and desorption isotherms to pressures up to 100 bars.

Detailed information can be found at: http://www.nippon-bel.co.jp/product/index_e.html .

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