Micro700Homogenization with instruments from MICROFLUIDICS Co results in extremely sharp particle distribution. Different sizes from laboratory to scaleup production units. Laboratory processors handling pressures of 250-40,000 psi in industrial processing to cleanroom applications.

Since September 2008, Microfluidics is represented by our partner Bergius, http://www.bergius.se .

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Pharmatech - Blenders

Multiblend MB005PHARMATECH Ltd has a broad range of mixers/blenders to cover demanding applications in Pharma-, Fine Chemical and Food Industry. The product programme includes sizes from small laboratory powderblenders of one litre up to large production mixers of 6.500 litres. 

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Pharmatech - Containers

DrumsWe have a complete programme of GMP-correct Stainless steel Containers for processing applications with regard to

1) Drums from one to 500 litres. Standard design includes features to secure clean discharge and transport.
2) Accessories for drums, e.g. cones and top hats, to allow discharging and blending applications
3) IBC-containers from one to 3.000 litres in standard designs or customised
4) Accessories for charging and discharging products
5) Accessories for dust free transfer of products
6) Inline sifting at discharging
7) Accessories for handling of containers of all sizes

Pharmatech - Lifting Columns

Lifting columnNowadays there are more and more demanding requirements on an efficient and ergonomic operator environment.

One part of this is to avoid heavy and difficult lifting, often in combination with tilting and slewing. Instrumental is also decreased air pollution in order to avoid inhalation of irritating or harmful products.

Lift and Hoist columns in order to position all kinds of containers for dust free and efficient charging/discharging are available to cover up to 4 tons and 17 m.

A modular system allows meeting specific customer requirements.

Pharmatech - Tippers

TipperTippers for dispensing products or feeding of reactors.

Different designs to cover a wide range of drums and fibre kegs.

Pharmatech -- Accessories



Dust Caps

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