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Dust Caps


Flexicone Flexicone
A product with a bad flowability will create problems when discharging.

The Flexicone greatly improves the flow and reduces at the same time the downstream valve diameter. The unit is directly clamped to the container or hopper.

No mechanical system in contact with product makes it easy to clean and control.

The Flexisieve screens off agglomerates and debris from the product before next processing step. It contains a vibrating screen in a dust tight closed system.

The low height and vibration free shell makes it easy to install also in a lift system.

Dust CapsDust caps
A reliable and simple mean to obtain dust free transfer when discharging a product.

Manufactured in FDA grade silicone rubber or special EPDM, Viton or Fluorosilicone it protects the operator and keeps the environment clean.
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