Micro700Homogenization with instruments from MICROFLUIDICS Co results in extremely sharp particle distribution. Different sizes from laboratory to scaleup production units. Laboratory processors handling pressures of 250-40,000 psi in industrial processing to cleanroom applications.

Since September 2008, Microfluidics is represented by our partner Bergius, http://www.bergius.se .


MICROFLUIDICS Co pioneered the Microfluidizer® Material Processors that deliver unparalleled levels of microdispersions, cell disruption, liposomes and injectibles. The technology covers nanoparticle applications in chemical processing, food manufacturing and additives, pharmaceutical production and research, biotechnology and cosmetics.

Deagglomeration and dispersion of uniform submicron particles creates stable emulsions and dispersions. Microfluidizer processing overcomes limitations of conventional processing technologies using high-pressure streams that collide at ultra-high velocities in precisely defined microchannels. Combined forces of shear and impact act upon products to create finer, more uniform dispersions and emulsions than can be produced by any other means.


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